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Automated Testing - Standard

Major features

We will create automated tests for the major features of your product.

These automated tests will run for every single new version that we release.

This ensures that we will never ship a version to you where major features won't work.

This should be standard you say? Exactly! That's why this is included in every project that we do.

Automated Testing - Premium

Major and Minor features

This is similar to the Standard level but with the difference that we will also create automated tests for the minor features of your product.

Verified by a Human being


A team of dedicated Quality Assurance Engineers will work with your product and they will manually verify that all functionality works as expected.
As this takes a significant amount of time, this happens only for major releases.


Ensuring it works as expected

No matter how accurately you work, the likelihood that it will still contain some errors is high. Even products from major vendors like Microsoft have errors to this day.

To reduce both the quantity of errors as well as their severity, it is essential to test the software.

We offer three levels:

  • Automated Testing - Standard

  • Automated Testing - Premium

  • Verified by a Human being