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You already have a requirements document

Our standard option is for clients who already have complete requirements documentation, or a list of detailed use cases, and just need someone to turn it into a program. We work with you to spot holes or inconsistencies in the requirements.

This option is also for projects that are small enough that it isn't necessary to discuss every detail in advance.


You have a rough idea

Our premium option is for the client who has a general idea, but doesn't have many specifics. If you have just an idea, we can work with you.

Before we go into development, we work with you to produce a document that describes, in detail, what the final product will do.


Making sure we understand what you need

We have done projects where the client brought us a few pages of notes, which we turned into a 100+ page requirements document, including detailed user interfaces and flow diagrams. For other clients, we developed their software based on their existing complete documentation.

During the requirements engineering phase, we will do as much or as little of the work as you wish. Because of this, we have a standard and a premium option.

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