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Low or unknown volume of changes

The volume of changes is low or unknown. This level has a low monthly fee but a rather high hourly rate to still allow us to react quickly.


High volume of changes

The volume of change is high. This level has a monthly fee on the high side but a comparatively lower hourly rate. It also comes with a free, non-transferable contingent of hours every month. For high volumes of changes, this is the more economical package.


On-going support and enhancements

We want to be your trusted partner for years to come. For us, this means to not leave you alone after we have implemented your product. We will also maintain your product.
Sounds good? Great! But what do we actually mean when we talk about Software Maintenance?
For us, this means to be available for you at short notice, even when we are booked tight. During the maintenance phase we will fix small bugs – if not already covered by our one year Bug Free Warranty – or implement small new features. We bill by the hour here.
We offer two levels here. They differ in the estimated volume of changes.

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