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Building your product

This is where the magic happens. Here we will actually implement your product.

Our goal is to constantly keep you updated during the development stage. We accomplish this by giving you early access to the software. This keeps you included in the process. You will have the ability to check the software and influence the development.

Managing Scope

Scope creep is a real problem in software development. We manage this by pushing new versions often. These versions correspond with different milestones agreed upon during the requirements engineering stage. Whenever a new feature is implemented, we send the newest version to you.

To start with, this allows us to catch any misunderstanding that may have come up during the requirements engineering phase. It also allows us to make adjustments if the vision has changed. Getting frequent updates will allow you to evaluate the current state of the software and make changes as needed.

Installation or Demonstration

We understand some clients do not have the time to install and test the various versions of the software being developed. For cases like this, we can instead provide demonstrations of the current state of the product. We often provide a video of us demonstrating the key features of the current version of the software. This still allows clients to see the product's progress and to provide feedback.